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Elegant Skin Offerings


Laura2The Consultation is the most important (and complimentary!) service I offer at ER Custom Skin Care. We can meet, see my room, and address any questions or concerns you have about me, my treatments, or why the hell I call myself an Elegant Rebel in the first place ;p


The Consultation is also a great time to develop a game plan for your at home skin care regimen – designed, again, just for you – to accentuate the results from your treatments. If you want a TCA Peel, though, a consultation is required to ensure the most effective results – we’ll HAVE to chat 😉


The Consultation is all about you and is, of course, always complimentary. I look forward to meeting you and making you even more beautiful!


Custom Facial

Full service facial designed especially for you. Includes advanced exfoliation, extractions, nourishing mask, and arm massage. Will include one of the following advanced technology tools, LED light therapy, Ultra Sonic Scrubber or Lift. Leave GLOWING!

Price: $95.00


Targeted Treatment Facial

A quick 30 minute treatment for a specific area of concern. Including but not limited to, breakout in the T-Zone, dehydrated eye area or loss of elasticity in the jaw, neck or decollete. Perfect for your busy schedule and easy on your pocketbook!

Price: $50.00



Dermaplaning removes dry skin and vellous hair, leaving skin smooth, supple and vibrant.

Price: $80.00


Deluxe Dermaplane Facial & Peel

Includes Dermaplaning, extractions, enzyme treatment, appropriate peel and or mask, nourishing serum, eye cream, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Price: $120.00


Beta Peel

Perfect peel for acne prone skin. The Beta Peel acts like Drano for the pores, cleaning them out to hamper future breakouts. No peeling, no down time. Just clearer, glowing skin! Not recommended for skin currently experiencing a breakout with open lesions

Price: $45.00


Glycolic Peel

Cleanse, peel, sunscreen and go! A glycolic peel is a wonderful refresher with no down time. Great for early signs of aging, uneven skin tone and mild scarring from acne. Perfect peel for those who prefer to skip the peeling and go for the glow!

Price: $45.00


Glycolic Peel with Vitamin A Booster

A glycolic peel with a vitamin A kicker! Mild flaking, great results! Enhance the traditional gly peel with the nourishing power of vitamin A. Great for skin showing moderate signs of aging or scarring.

Price: $55.00


TCA Peel

Want brand new skin? This is your peel! You will experience peeling BUT you will be left with beautiful new skin! Great for fine lines, acne scarring and uneven skin-tone. Includes home care products. Not offered in the summer and requires a consultation.

Price: $55.00


TCA Peel with Vitamin A Booster

Resurface and nourish your skin with the TCA peel with Vitamin A Booster. You will peel. You will love your skin! Perfect peel for those of you who want dramatic results. This peel is not offered during the summer months and requires a consultation.

Price: $75.00


Nice Package

Series of 4 Facials – $350
Series of 4 Targeted Treatments – $175
Series of 4 Peels (Beta of Glycolic) – $160
Series of 4 Glycolic Peels w/Vitamin A Boost – $200