Elegant Rebel Skincare | Hair Removal
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Why Professional Body Sugaring


The ancient art of hair removal is now designed for use in the modern spa. This system is 100% for the earth. It uses NO additives, NO preservatives, NO irritants to concern the consumer. No one is allergic to the ingredients in the sugar paste. Body Sugaring is a safe, effective and gentle professional treatment.


Unlike wax, the sugar paste is heated to body temperature. There are no concerns about burns or discomfort to sensitive skin. Sugar paste does not harbor or encourage the growth of bacteria. The body sugaring client can be secure in knowing that they are choosing the safest treatment available in today’s spa. Cross contamination is not a concern with sugaring.


Sugar paste only adheres to dead skin cells and hair thus relieving the consumer of worries about painful and unsightly skin lifts. The sugar paste hair removal treatment gently exfoliates dead skin cells leaving the skin “rose petal soft”.


Sugar paste can be reapplied to the same area more than once to remove even the shortest hair with breakage never being a concern. It is safe and effective for diabetics and for clients with varicose veins, moles, psoriasis, eczema and all areas previously not safely treated with wax.


Elegant Rebel Custom Skin Care uses Sugar of the Nile sugar paste. All Sugar of the Nile sugar practitioners are licensed trained professionals, with both practical and written exams to insure you the safest most effective hair removal treatment available.


Womens’s Sugaring

Brazilian – $65
Landing Strip – $55
Bikini – $40
Full Face – $60
Upper Lip – $10
Cheeks – $15
Chin – $10
Jawline – $15
Sideburns – $15
Underarms – $20
Half Arms – $35
Full Arms – $55
Tummy – $30
Lower Back – $20+
Back – $30+
Half Leg – $60
Full Leg – $105


Men’s Sugaring

Neck – $15
Shoulders – $20
Abs – $30+
Chest – $45
Half Back – $40
Full Back – $60+
Feet – $10
Half Arms – $50
Full arms – $70
Torso – $165
Half Legs – $85
Full Legs – $125

+ Final price determined before start of service and calculated according to the size of area to be sugared and density of hair growth.


Lash & Brow

Brow Design, Tweeze or Sugar – $30
Brow Maintenance, Tweeze or Sugar – $25
Lash Tint – $30
Brow Tint – $20
Lash & Brow Tint – $45
Lash Lift – $70
Lash Lift & Tint – $90

Before & After